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July 03, 2009


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Fascinating thoughts/observations. I've never heard someone try to explain Ryden's theology (or whatever you wish to call it), but just did kudos-justice to it. A really fantastic articulation of him and his work in so few words. It's too bad more people (particularly more church folks) aren't exposed / more open to Ryden's work.

For me, he is a contemporary, post-millennial theo-iconographer. Whenever I come across his work, it seems to be inviting me to look through it, to look past it and see something new, something old, and something in me.

Correction: Insert "you" in between 'but' and 'just did kudos-justice.'

It's late. My brain is tired. Forgive me.

Cheers, Neville. Theo-iconography indeed. For my part, engagement with works by artists such as Ryden, Hirst, and others has lead me to understand the Divine to be multi-lingual; employing various forms cultural expression in the process of divine revelation. Perhaps it is for this reason that I often find the art museum more fitting a 'sanctuary' than Sunday morning 'church.'

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