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August 24, 2009


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it's interesting, to be sure. the 7th dimension sounds like the book of Revelations to me, in another language (is this even 'scientific' language?). the 5th and 6th have already been formulated and described by Nietzsche. the 10th, and the imagining of String Theory, however, sounds like a re-appropriation and a modern take on the nature of 'God' - whatever that "is." it's absolutely frustrating to think of the limitations of the mind - of its imaginations, foresight and understanding of history. perhaps, to be created 'imago dei' means that we can at least affirm the concepts (because they exist). insofar as we are living in the 3rd dimension, in this physical world, resigned to a 'linear' movement of time and mindful of the other dimensions, the 'timeless' question remains: the purpose of our existence - something that 'we' have been asking in every generation and every culture since our inception, and no doubt will be asking until the end of... time.

Well put, K. For whatever reason, in spite of being functionally limited, so far as we "know," to linear movement in 3 dimensions, I find it somehow empowering to conceive of the other six (time being the 4th). Being mindful of Wilbur's framework of concentric circles that "transcend but include," I take some comfort in the idea that my entire system as I know it is but a point of indeterminate size within a larger system and so on. Within the transcending dimensions, perhaps, tread the angels of God. Semantics notwithstanding, I intuit in this conversation a hope for the convergence of science, philosophy, theology, and faith experience.

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